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The Brotherhood of All Mankind

Posted by Deborah W. Giles on

I have always been saddened when someone tells me they are not creative. Creativity is a gift from God; we have been made in HIS image and likeness so we too inherit creativity. The father of all mankind is a creator, so it is in our blood line, passed on to us from our mutual heritage. We all have the gift, but express it differently and creativity is the artist within us. Some do it with a brush, architecture, wood craft, gardening, decorating, cooking, music; the list is as varied as the number of mankind. Today we are seeing the frustration of the multitudes that have never been told they have a gift, and encouraged as they develop it. We have become a culture of constant entertainment, and in so doing we have wasted the gifts God has given us to bless others.

We have begun watching the History Channel show, Mountain Men, and the thing they all have in common is they love their work. When was the last time you heard someone say I love my work? By the world’s standards they are all living in poverty, they have no fancy home, just shelter, they have no shopping centers for food nearby, they grow and hunt their sustenance, they have no expensive cars they walk, canoe or ride horses, etc. So how are they happy and content? WORK, work, work is the hidden path to creativity and work leads to contentment. Our culture has robbed the youth of finding the gifts inside by giving them everything, but what they really need to be fulfilled.

Just like an addict, our culture is chained, in bondage to technology and distracted from real life. With all the upheaval, that most of us cannot change, maybe it is an hour to reevaluate what is necessary for life. Food, shelter, water and finally faith and family are the things that really matter. Happiness is not found in entertainment, but experience.

Be sure to encourage the people around you as they express themselves through their work, and do not be afraid of failure, because great artist did not begin with masterpieces.   

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