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​Sweet Hour of Prayer

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The older I get the more I enjoy the hour of prayer that we communally share in at Mass. We live a distance from church, so my only opportunity to spend an hour with Jesus in his tabernacle is usually Sunday. It is amazing how when you are physically in Christ’s presence His concerns, His desires and His creative inspirations flow to us His body. Yes, I pray at home, but it is very different than the times when I am in the Presence of Christ hidden in His tabernacle disguised in humble bread. His presence and inspirations radiate like the sun.

I became very aware of this when my daughter shared what her priest had taught them, that the dearest prayers should be prayed when Christ the Bread of Life is in your mouth during communion. I savor every moment of this the highest prayer of my week. This information led to my realization that the entire mass is a time of prayer climaxing in communion. From the moment I arrive sprinkling my head with holy water reminding me of my baptism to the closing blessing of “Go forth to love and serve the Lord” we are invited to enter Christ together with His Body The Church for inspiration, consolation and conversion.

I could make a list of the many holy inspirations that I have experienced during mass, but the more you come expecting the more you receive. Yesterday I felt like I needed to take notes because the heavenlies were flowing as I came expecting. This is one of the reasons that talking is discouraged inside the church building, many come hurting, needing direction and just need to hear His voice and do not even realize it. Can’t wait until our next communal meeting!

My House Shall be Called a House of Prayer.

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