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Farm to Table – Red’s Little Schoolhouse

Posted by Deborah W. Giles on

Farm to table is a great buzz word, but rarely can you find a real farm to table restaurant. We have been eating at one such place for decades; Red’s Little Schoolhouse in Grady, Alabama. The work, the love and the southern hospitality that goes into their meals is truly a lost art.

Over the years; how many times have I been talking about Red’s and have someone say; I remember eating with you there thirty years ago after church on Sunday! How many Sunday dinners has this place served!!! Meals are an intimate communion and fellowship that is lost in our fast food culture. When you think back over the special times of life; the events that stand out are almost always around a communal meal.

We do not often enough honor those who make these special memories possible. Red, his daughter Debbie and their family and staff have provided decades of treasured memories for countless people. They not only prepare wonderful meals, but they grow most of all the vegetables they serve. When they are not cooking, they are working their garden; harvesting and processing their food. Red has always said to Debbie that he grows enough food for the restaurant and the deer. To someone without a gardening background, one cannot imagine the labor that each dish entails. When was the last time that you went into a restaurant and saw the staff sitting around shelling peas with a smile on their face?

In this culture where Sunday dinners at grandma’s and home-grown food is a thing of the past; and in an era where most food establishments are a national chain, Red’s Little Schoolhouse stands out as an Alabama treasure. Each of us is given gifts by God to serve our fellow man; Red and Debbie have faithfully used their gifts and talents to serve all of us and given us beautiful memories of good food, southern hospitality, laughter and love. Recently, Debbie posted a picture and a short discussion about her hands leaving the garden in maybe a self-conscious uncomplimentary manner. In my eyes these are the beautiful hands of a woman who opens the bounty of her table and her heart to everyone.

Red’s Little Schoolhouse, Grady Alabama is a place to bring friends and family for that special memorable meal. No one deserves more honor than those who serve us and no one does it better than Red’s.

Red’s Little Schoolhouse brings a whole new definition to the phrase: 

Farm to Table. 

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