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Conservatism - Time Released

Posted by John W. Giles on

United States Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas once said, “You have to know what you are willing to die for. Until you know that, you’re negotiable.” He is exactly right. Conservatism is not a box you check off or a square you color in, it is ingrained in your heart, embedded in your DNA and can be traced to the core of your bone marrow. You have to be willing to die for these principles to earn the title of a certified conservative. Jeff Sessions is the kind of statesmen who pledges his life, fortune and sacred honor.
There is no substitute for experience. The notion of being an economic, social, moral and constitutional conservative takes years to develop. It is developed like childhood transforming to adulthood. Conservatism is the journey of being an apprentice to master craftsmen. Talking points are great, but conservatism has to be internalized to the core of your bone marrow when a microphone or a camera is thrown in your face with no teleprompter. Conservatism is not instant coffee.
Before Tuberville announced his run for the U.S. Senate, I had a real time example of his shallowness on a simple issue. When Alabama was in the heat of the legislature passing the Gas Tax, I received a call from a Tuberville handler. This person knew I was very public about opposing the gas tax. I had written and published articles on the subject. He said the coach was opposed to the gas tax and wanted to write an article publicly opposing the gas tax increase. He went on further to say the coach needed me to send him some talking points, so he could write the article. By the way, he never wrote the article. He got cold feet or changed his mind, either way he ducked the issue. I knew in principle I opposed tax increases because of my early upbringing in public policy. However, it took me years of debating the issue to fine tune my thinking and to develop a depth on this and so many other issues.
At the Christian Coalition, we had a tenant in our platform: “To ease the tax burden on the families,” so we would never be on the affirmative side of a tax increase. I had to become razor sharp and laser beam precise to debate this boiler plate conservative issue in 2003 during our statewide $1.2 billion tax increase. Most conservative’s embrace the impression that tax increases are regressive and hurts rather than helps government revenues. When you allow citizens and businesses to keep more of their hard earned money, economists confirm this money turns over 7 times in the local communities. We also know that the American family is already saddled with excessive taxation. Tax Freedom Day is when you take all federal, state and local taxes and divide it by the nation’s income, the breakeven date is April 6th. These are just a few of the backdrop points you learn about the issue of tax increases. Conservatism believes you grow your way out, not tax your way out of economic problems. These are just a handful of reasons conservatives do not raise taxes. You may consider yourself conservative and not been aware of these few minor points; as I hope you agree, it does take time friends, Conservatism is Time-Released.
Here is my problem with that phone call; Tuberville had no idea how to fight an easy surface issue like raising taxes. My thoughts were deeply troubling after hanging up the phone, how is Tuberville going to debate Dianne Feinstein or Kamala Harris on the floor of the U.S. Senate over a pro-life bill? This handler also said the Coach wanted to stop by and meet me sometime. My response was positive, but have him ready to discuss in depth a cadre of conservative issues. Coach never came by or called to deep dive into conservative issues with me in vetting a candidate. I actually never considered him even before Sessions entered the race, because he was shallow on conservatism. We are talking about the U.S. Senate, not a county commission race where you can learn on the job. Tuberville is Not Ready!
Skilled conservatism is time released, like a PhD, it takes time to earn the depth on a wide range of issues like, abortion, traditional marriage, immigration reform, balanced budget, foreign policy, strong military, defunding Planned Parenthood, 2nd amendment, taxation, 60 vote Senate Rule, role of the Judiciary, gambling expansion, K-Street influence and so many more complex issues.
I see now why Tuberville’s handlers insisted he duck, call time-out and not debate Sessions, he is not camera ready and they know it. He is avoiding any interviews with the press in fear he will blow it. Sessions never ducks!
I have known Sessions for 27 years, he is seasoned, proven, tried, battle tested and shovel ready to combat liberal democrats, socialism, communism, radical Islam and advance the Trump agenda day one. 
Friends, please do not underestimate that economic, social, moral and constitutional conservatism is time-released, it is not microwavable. 

Jeff Sessions knows what he is willing to die for; he is a fearless non-negotiable statesman who is not for sale. 

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