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​Poppy’s Perfect Bacon

Posted by John W. Giles on

Poppy’s Perfect Bacon     

Every Time 100%

Do you love bacon, but find it hard to get right every time? When you cook bacon, do you always smoke up the house? Have you even tried grilling it outside trying to eliminate the smoke and turn your back and poof, it’s all burnt up? How about the already cooked bacon you microwave, how is that for an artificial taste? Well, over the years I have tried it all and through a little experimentation, I may just have a solution for you.

Items you need:

  • Oven 425˚
  • Sheet pan line with aluminum foil
  • Thick Sliced Bacon – You may have to try several brands until you get the one that works for you
  • Southern Flavor – Charbroil Seasoning
  • Regular Table Black Pepper

Step I: Turn your Oven to 425˚

Step II: Line Your sheet pan with foil

Step III: Lay your bacon out close – fill you sheet pan full

Step IV: Sprinkle – Cover well with Southern Flavor Charbroil Seasoning – One Side of Bacon

Step V: Sprinkle - Cover well with Regular Table Black Pepper – Same Side of Bacon as Charbroil Seasoning

Step VI: Put in over and turn as needed

There is no science on timing. I suggest you begin cooking it until you smell a light hint of bacon cooking. Go in and turn each piece over and go again.

Pretty soon you will see the bacon frying gently in it’s on grease, PERFECT!

Turn again until you get both sides to the brown you are trying to achieve

When done to your satisfaction, take out with tongs and put on a plate with paper towel to soak up exterior grease

Pour out left over grease to blend with the dog food or make some mean country cornbread, grits or add to the skillet for scrambled eggs.

Sound Ketos yet?

You will find your niche on the name brand of bacon and how long you cook it, but the slight hint of bacon cooked in the house can be solved with running the vent fan and maybe burning a candle afterwards.

Never again the old smoke-filled house, burnt to a hard-crisp bacon.

Rather, you can enjoy and get rave reviews at your next church brunch the Perfectly Cooked Poppy’s Thick Sliced Bacon.

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