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Agnus Dei Farm 

Deborah and John Giles were married in 1972 at the age of 18.  Pretty young aye! Deborah and John as teenagers shared a common vision of one day being on a farm and living a simple life.  In fact, the Giles have found that it is a common inner feeling of so many to slow down the pace and get back to the basics.   

 The Giles had four children, losing one to a miscarriage and one at the age of 19 in a single car accident.  They have two living children and currently 10 grandchildren. After becoming empty nesters the Giles embarked on finding a track of land as a “get away” from busy city living.

Deborah’s grandparents lived on a farm in Kansas and Deborah would go and spend extended visits with her grandparents.  She would wake up every day doing farm chores including milking the cow, taking care of chickens and hauling hay.  Watching the male peacock dancing, sitting outside talking and looking at the star filed sky instead of watching television and going to town were always eventful.  

John’s mother was raised in a large share cropper family in the rice patties of Arkansas, while his dad was raised on a large family farm in Mississippi.

With their roots deeply embedded in simple rural living the Giles bought their small 40 acre farm in 2004 near the Honoraville community in Crenshaw County Alabama; just two days after Hurricane Ivan. The land when they purchased it was raw, unloved and over grown.  With several mature trees now down from the Hurricane the Giles had a local man with a portable saw mill come on site and saw up the logs.  Every piece of lumber mostly pine, oak and popular were used in their tiny house cabin structure.  Their home is about 750 square feet heated and cooled and wrapped with screened in porches and an old fashion dog trot going through the middle of the home generating a breeze even on the hottest of Alabama Summer days. Total under roof is 2000 square feet.

Self sufficient family farms without outside income are now memories from the past in America.  The Giles have talked for years about finding some way to carve out a living from 40 acres and a mule; or in their case; 40 acres and a beehive. Honey Bees and gardening are God’s design of creating a little Garden of Eden.  The farm is laced with pastoral landscaped views, raised garden beds, fruit trees and the latest edition is trellised blackberry and muscadine vines.  The Giles were inspired by visiting the heavenly designed farm at “Petals From The Past” in Jemison Alabama.   

The Giles in 2014 officially launched Agnus Dei Farm.  As mentioned in the Core Philosophy section, Agnus Dei is Latin for “Lamb of God.”  Their core products were centered on beeswax based products and old fashion homemade soaps.  In addition to the products produced right here on Agnus Dei Farm, the Giles are always on the lookout for the undiscovered talent of others who make high quality artistically created products from their heart that can be added to the Agnus Dei Farm line.

Giving is an act of love; it tells someone “I am thinking of you and you are special.”  It is from this origin that Agnus Dei Farm is about taking fruit from the land making gifts with loving hands.  Simply put;  Agnus Dei Farm products are loved  twice.  Agnus Dei Farm puts love into the making and gift packaging of our products and then you add your love as you give to others.

 "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."  

 Mother Teresa